The Buddy companion character was created in collaboration with children through a series of action media workshops in selected MDR – TB Hospitals, this approach placed the child at the center of the process as key contributors to the campaign. Buddy’s hospital visits are designed to create excitement, spreading love and solidarity to children undergoing the MDR-TB treatment.


At its best, the SDI identity has always  been about being a builder of the voice and agency of urban poor communities, with a special focus on women. 

The new SDI identity has been refined and reduced in order to push the brand into exciting new areas. The cornerstone of our visual identity is our logo. There are rules for its application,but we have created a flexible system that allows freedom and diversity. 




We worked with an events company to help conceptualise and execute a fresh way of launching the new Oakley Latch system inside the V&A Waterfront in a different way. It needed to sit within an existing global campaign called #LIVEYOUROBSESSION



The KNOW YOUR CITY Global Campaign was launched by Shack Dwellers International at the World Urban Forum in Medellin in Colombia 2014. The campaign centers around the collection of accurate data on slums normally “invisible” with what is considered the formal city, with no reliable information for development planning and resource allocation.  Fixer was briefed to brand the campaign and then its international launch at the bi annual UN World Urban Forum in Colombia.  We also produced an Explainer video so that people could grasp the idea of the campaign easily.




THE BODA BODA THIEVES as a concept is a homage and tribute to the great Italian neo-realist film THE BI! CYCLE THIEF (1948) by Vittorio De Sica. Our film is not a remake or re-interpretation, but an original work freely inspired by the classic. We do endeavour to remain true to the spirit of the classic and the Italian neo-realists. The intention is to update realism with a youthful edge.